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ION7300(Premium Model)

Manufacturing Items License Number 11-276 ION-7300
Display Method LCD Display Color
Filter Use Time 6 Months
Filters  10 stage multi layer filter
Product Weight 6 Kg
Electrode Quantity & Specification 7 Titanium with Platinum Coating
Cleansing Method Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning System (DARC)
Plate surface area plate size : 113mm*64m
ORP Range 0 to -700v
(as per local water quality)
pH Range 3 ~ 11.00
(as per local water quality)
Alkaline Mode Alkaline  8.5~11.0
(4 Alkaline levels) Level 1, Level 2, Level3, Level4
Acidic Mode Acid 3~6.9
(2 Acidic levels) Level 1, Level 2
Neutral Water Purified Water
Power Consumption max 230W
Exterior Dimensions 385mm(H)X284mm(W)x135mm(D)
Warranty 5 Years
Service  & Installation 1  Year Free on site service.
Free Installation with Kit.
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